Create Upon Your Imagination


We take care of your thoughts, all the way from scratch to a finished product.


By creating a digital game or interactive app, there are numerous steps and material that you need to take care of, such as idea brainstorm, concept design, illustration, scenes, programming, animation, after effects and many others. Just might not be as simple as you thought if you want your product to be a successful one. 


We have the experience to bring imagination to reality. Work with us if you believe gamification could help engaging more people to your idea, or you are in dire need of some amazing artwork that could impress your audience.

3D Modeling

From your sketch or imagination, we build your 3D model for animation, game object, 3D printing, dummy, etc.

Environment & Scene

A nice environment will draw attention in different occastions.


Animation is always the best way for story telling. 


Ever feel your user interface is plain and boring? Re-build them with us to show your vitality.


From your sketch or just your imagination, we draw and design your character, mascot, painting, or anything else you think beautiful.


Effects with matching style reinforce the motion expression.

Graduate of HKSTP Incu-app Business Incubation Program 


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