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The Most Creative Gameplay

To gamify our social community, we create with passion and global artistic vision.


Orcs Wipe! TD

Orcs Wipe! TD is an Action-Tower defense 3D mobile game. With a traditional top-down view and virtual joystick, defenders show their strategies and skills.

Chestnut Clicker

Roasted chestnut is a traditional Chinese snack. Hundreds of roasted chestnut recipes are waiting to be discovered in Chestnut Clicker. Will you be the next master cook?

Go Frog Go

This is a mini-game where the poison frog has to stay away from the spikes by moving forward, at the mean time, handle the accelerating speed and the traps. By collecting candies in the game, players could unlock more poison dart frogs.

Sorcerer: Duel

Every sorcerer, deep in heart, is eager to prove their supreme and unchallengeable power among the many others. Each of them comes to the arena with their well-practiced magic spells and unique ultimate spells, seeking to claim the throne of magic.

Be a skilful sorcerer and become the legend in the magic world!

Physiotherapy AI Game

Sponspored by HKJC, the game is designed to ease the knee pain of seniors using motion tracking AI tech.