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Established in 2014, Giant Bear is a Hong Kong based digital game developer. 


We are a team of experienced developers who have exquisite global artistic visions and aim at producing creative and impressive games to gamify our social community. 


Turn to us if you believe gamification could enhance engagement of people to your idea, or you are in dire need of some amazing artwork that could impress your audience.


Sorcerer: Duel

Be a skilful sorcerer and become the legend in the magic world!

Proudly launched on Apple App Store in 2019.

Thanks! Message sent.



TVP (Tech Voucher Program) inquiries welcomed from now on,

We received a lot of feedback of Sorcerer: Duel. We are currently working really hard on an update. Priority: server-> data adjustment -> new ranking calculation -> guild. We may add a discord server before the guild is available.


We are now hiring: 1.Unity Programmer 2.Back-end Programmer. Interested candidates please send your resume to

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